We recommend that film, television and commercial productions have Commercial General Liability Insurance before the cameras start to roll. Property damage, weather, sick cast/crew, faulty equipment, theft and on-set accidents can happen during production. Insurance is there to prevent any financial loss that could affect the production.

                            Insurance is always required to obtain a permit to film on any public property - be it city, county or state land. Most production vendors also require insurance before they will rent out equipment like cameras, lights and vehicles. Though insurance is not required to film on private property, most property managers will ask that productions have insurance to cover liability.

                            CITY OF AUSTIN PROPERTIES -

                            Commercial General Liability Insurance with a minimum limit of $500,000 per occurrence is required on most City of Austin (COA) properties, with the COA named as an additional insured. Additional insurance requirements may be requested dependent upon the nature of the filming activity. The insurance documentation below gives an overview of what COA requires and is a good template to provide insurance companies providing the production's policy.

                            City of Austin Right of Way - Insurance Requirements for Filming

                            City of Austin  Parks - Insurance Requirements for Filming

                            Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has minimum requirements of $5,000,000 for certain liabilities.

                            ABIA Inside Terminal - Insurance Requirements for Filming

                            ABIA Outside Terminal - Insurance Requirements for Filming

                            STATE OF TEXAS PROPERTIES -

                            Each Certificate of liability insurance furnished by a Production Company shall reflect the coverage amounts required by the desired location, but such coverage amounts shall in no event, be lower than the following: $1 million in Commercial General Liability, including bodily injury and property damage with $5,000,000 of umbrella coverage; $1 million Automobile Liability including bodily injury and property damage, plus Workers' Compensation coverage in accordance with statutory limits and employers' liability with limits of $100,000 bodily injury for each accident, $100,000 bodily injury by disease and $500,000 policy limit covering all personnel who provide services.


                            Most regular home and car insurance companies can also provide additional policies to cover production insurance needs.

                            The Texas Film Commission has a list of Texas-based companies that provide production insurance to the film and television industry.